allium, salvia, grass - Love the different purples, heights, textures and shades of a color.
Things you can make out of pallets | How to Make an Vertical Herb Garden from a Pallet
...And the repurposed old enamel containers used as plant pots.
Lovely layout for a potager, saving ideas for the new quarter acre I will be gardening soon #garden #garden_inspiration #potager
How To Make Fairy Furniture | Fairy Gardens: Preparing Them for Winter plus Book Giveaway — Cold ...
15 Fruits And Veggies You Can Grow In Buckets
A cool Way to start your urban garden using the Japan Moss Ball style
In the Arms of Sleep
Courtyard Fountain in Spain
Atlanta, GA Botanical Gardens "Unicorn". Part of an exhibit on Mosaic Culture Gardening- live plants are arranged on a frame, watered and trimmed.
Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces - Edible color, gorgeous greens and herbs including lettuce, tatsoi and spinach.
Use essential oils to repel and remove pests such as bugs, insects, and spiders from home and garden
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